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About Us.

The MOSAIC Foundation was created for a simple mission— to help warriors heal. Our frontlines are in the minds and hearts of those who served our nation. With veteran suicides rising at a rate nearly double that of active- duty casualties, the need for healing is clear, obvious, and urgent. The lives of our brothers-and-sisters-in-service quite literally depend on it.

We seek to address the underlying causes for this epidemic of pain & suffering in the service community. There are many sources of relief available in the modern era. Methods for alleviating stress and anxiety through mindfulness or meditation have become popular and widespread—but creating sustainable changes requires us to go further than demonstrating healthy habits. Our approach is predicated on the transference of strategies for integrating and maintaining healing practices of self-reflection, self-inquiry, and reconnecting with one's purpose. These, along with energy healing and balancing techniques, provide attendees with direct experiences that they can feel for themselves, learn from, practice, and utilize for their individual healing process.

Beyond this, The MOSAIC Foundation helps build a growth-oriented, healing- focused community for attendees to participate with indefinitely. Connecting with other people of similar backgrounds experiencing similar struggles can be cathartic in and of itself. It provides a social reference point that participants can return to as they move forward and continue to evolve in mind, body and soul.

What We Do.

Established in 2020, The MOSAIC Foundation has served over 100 warriors from a diverse range of branches and backgrounds. We limit the group size to ensure maximum impact for retreat attendees. Retreats are held at various locations around the United States based on availability and logistics.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, retreats are 100% donor- funded. We provide our services to participants free- of-charge. Our focus is on providing warriors with opportunities for healing, growth, learning, and connection. We introduce our groups to powerful techniques and processes to enhance their wellbeing and healing journey.

We utilize science-supported, energy balancing methods including divine light healing and meditation, to encourage physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. One on one personalized sessions with a certified energy healer are offered to those who are interested.





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