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Veteran Retreat
Army Veteran American Yogi

 “ The information, exercises and collaboration that was shared opened my mind to new methods to cope, manage stress and move beyond the self-imposed limitations. At the end of the weekend I walked away with new knowledge and tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. So much value in a relatively short period of time!”

– USMC Veteran

woman veteran
USMC Veterans
USMC Veterans

"If I were to choose one word to describe my experience attending the recent MOSAIC retreat, I would call it EXPANSIVE. One of the best aspects of being in the military is that you're surrounded by people of a wide variety of backgrounds. Religion, race, political party, economic class, education, beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, it's all over the place. It's a microcosm of the United States and to some extent the world. Your teammates become your family and if you aren't entirely closed minded some of your perspectives begin to shift. During
the conversations in a barracks room at 4 a.m. or from an over watch position in southwest
Baghdad you hear stories of people, whom you highly regard, that lived much different lives than you. Whether you recognize it or not, those conversations increase your capacity for compassion. You're learning and beginning to understand. I say it all the time, experiences in the military vary greatly. You can learn from the negative experiences by considering what could have changed and implement those changes in your own life then share it. Regardless of branch or experience the veteran community has the capacity to take all aspects of service and share them with the world. I'm speaking of perspective, camaraderie, cohesion, sacrifice, resilience and more. Before charting off into the world to serve again it's important to check where you're at as an individual. That's where a MOSAIC retreat comes in. Whether you show up to"fix your stuff" or to calibrate your intentions you begin to find answers amongst a community that feels like home. Those answers. tools and mechanisms are made possible by beautiful souls who recognize the complications of military service and pour themselves into facilitating healing and growth. Thanks to the MOSAIC team and all those who attended for the unforgettable experience." - US Army veteran

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