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Retreat FAQs

ALL veterans members are welcome.

Our weekend retreats carve out the time and space you need to reset, focus and recenter. Through participation in targeted workshops, group discussions and physical activity, a positive shift in your outlook and perspective is likely. Expect to learn, grow and recharge.

What can I expect from a MOSAIC retreat?

Expect an inspiring weekend at a large, private retreat home nestled in the quiet stillness and peace of nature. 


Specific activities include:


  • Communal meals prepared by MOSAIC

  • Daily group PT sessions

  • Daily yoga and meditation for beginners

  • Targeted workshops on holistic resiliency 

  • One group service project to benefit the local community 

  • One private 45 minute energy healing session (optional)

Am I a good fit for a MOSAIC retreat?

ALL veterans, no matter when or how you served, are invited to apply. Our only requirement is that you show up ready to self-reflect, learn and connect with other service members.


How much will a MOSAIC retreat cost?

MOSAIC seeks to give back and pay it forward. That said, retreats are free of cost. Traveling to the retreat location is up to you, the rest is on us. Financial assistance for travel is available upon approval for those who qualify.

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