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Scenic Mountain Biking

We welcome veterans and active duty warriors. 

"If you are a veteran looking for a sacred space to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit, I highly recommend MOSAIC." 
– Army Veteran

“After ten years of deployments,  my nervous system was fried. MOSAIC's retreat taught my brain to access new neurological pathways. I was able to reset my fight or flight response and find true peace.”
- NSW Veteran

“I really enjoyed the retreat hosted by MOSAIC. Being around conscientious people that can understand the mindset of veterans was comforting, especially in times like these. Because only a small percentage (1%) of Americans serve in the military, it can be easy to feel disconnected from most of American society. Engaging in thoughtful discussion with other veterans about navigating the civilian world and the challenges that come with it made me feel accepted and supported-- which is not something that happens often. Thank you MOSAIC for creating such a transformative experience.”
– Navy Veteran


San Diego, CA

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